Group Discount

Get USD100 cashback for every USD1000 Purchase.

How to apply for a group discount?

1. Email the secretariat indicating your group members' name and their emails.
2. In your email, you must select one person as your group manager. We will contact the group manager regarding the group discount once we receive the application.
3. Please print out the "Confirmation Email" and bring it to the conference desk for the cashback.

November 5, 2019

Group Discount Policy:

1. Please note, once we have confirmed the group discount application, you cannot add more members or cancel any members from your group.
2. Get USD100 cashback for every USD1000 purchase.
3. The $1000 purchase CAN include the registration fee and socializing tour.
4. The registration fee is based on the registration date. For example, the early bird, regular and late registration rate.
5. Once our secretariat receives ALL members’ registration fee, our secretariat will calculate the total amount of the purchase and email the group manager how much cashback he/she will receive on-site.
6. You must apply the group discount BEFORE the deadline. We do not accept any on-site application.
7. The group discount CANNOT be used to reduce the registration fee. It can only be provided as cashback.
8. Provide US dollar only, no change.

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